What are, and may I send, oversized duffels?

Duffel bags measuring over 44 inches in length or 20 inches in height are considered oversized and will incur a fee of $25 one-way or $50 round-trip, per bag. Sellers often refer to the bags as “supersize” or “colossal.” Duffel bags weighing over 80 pounds are also considered oversized bags and will incur the same fee.

Due to truck restrictions, it is imperative that we know ahead of time if you are sending oversized bags. All oversized luggage that is not paid for prior to pick-up will be billed accordingly. 

How can I pay for Camp Baggage service? 

Credit cards are the only form of payment accepted when you enroll online. If you prefer to pay by check, please contact the Camp Baggage office to complete your enrollment. 

Why are there deadlines for registration?

Due to the complexity of planning and truck capacities, we must have necessary lead time. Enrollments for service in June are due by May 15th. Enrollments for service in July are due by June 15th. Enrollments for service in August are due by July 15th. Camp Baggage cannot guarantee service for enrollments received after the deadline dates.

Do we need to contact Camp Baggage to increase or reduce the number of bags we are shipping to or from camp?

Yes. Please email us as soon as you know about the change so we can plan for the additional space and update our records. If you are adding bags, we will make the change and you will receive an invoice via email. If you are reducing the number of bags, we will make the change and issue a refund. 

We cannot guarantee that we? will have enough space for last minute large duffel bag additions. In some circumstances you may be charged a $25 fee for the late change. 

I plan to leave my baggage outside on the day of pickup. Do I need to notify Camp Baggage in advance?

No. Our crews are instructed to search for the baggage in obvious places. If your baggage is on the front, back or side porch, or in an open garage, there is no need to contact the office. If the baggage is not in one of these locations, please call our office at least 24 hours in advance of your pick-up time so that we can notify our crew.

What do I do if my child decides to stay for second session? 

Please notify Camp Baggage as soon as possible so we can update your enrollment. 

How long before camp starts do you pick up the bags?

Families in the Northeast should expect bags to be picked up around 10-14 days before the start of camp. All other areas should expect bags to be picked up around 14 days before the start of camp. Keep in mind that camps require us to deliver the bags at least 5-7 days before opening day. We need ample time to pick up the bags, sort the bags, and then deliver them to camp. 

Will we get an exact pick-up and delivery date?

You will receive an email about a week before your pick-up and delivery date with a confirmed date and time window. 

When will the bags arrive at camp? 

The baggage arrives at camp during counselor orientation, which is usually 4-5 days before opening day. 

What do we do if we are not home on the scheduled date of pick-up, and we cannot leave our baggage outside?

Please call our office and let us know where the baggage will be located. Below are some ideas for suitable alternate locations:

A neighbor's home

A locked garage (call us with an entry code)

Another camp family home in your area

How will we know that Camp Baggage has picked up our bags?

We will leave a card by your door or in the location where your baggage was left, notifying you that your baggage is safely on its way to camp.

Should we have our own baggage tags?

Camp Baggage will mail personalized baggage tags prior to your pick-up date. We recommend that all bags have an alternate form of identification. Embroidering the bag with the camper's name is recommended. Please remove all old shipping tags from previous summers. All return baggage tags will be mailed directly to the camp and the camp staff will attach them to the baggage. 

Can we send sports equipment?

Yes. If your sports equipment cannot fit inside of your duffel bag, please enroll for an additional item and make sure it is properly packaged. Camp Baggage is not responsible for sports equipment that is not properly packaged. Please do not strap sports equipment to the duffel bags as they can easily be damaged or become separated during transit. 

What about sleeping bags?

Yes. To avoid being charged an additional item, please try to pack sleeping bags inside another bag. 

What does the optional insurance cover?

Baggage is insured against fire/theft at $200 per piece. Additional coverage up to $1,000 per piece is available for $40 round trip and $20 one way, per camper. The insurance limit on sports equipment, such as hockey and lacrosse sticks are a maximum of $50 per piece. When packing, please be careful not to overload bags or include sharp and breakable objects. Camp Baggage is not responsible for any damage to baggage, or its contents, other than by fire or theft. 

Damage due to baggage being dragged at camp or overpacked at camp is not covered. 

What if it is rains on pick-up or delivery day? 

If it is raining during your pick-up window and you are unable to leave the bags inside, please try to leave them somewhere protected from the weather. You can call or email Camp Baggage to let us know where you have moved the bags, or you can also leave a note on the door explaining where the bags are located. If you are not home for a baggage delivery and it is raining, our drivers will do their best to make sure they deliver the bags to a covered and safe location. 

What do we do if we missed our pick-up time or if our bags were not ready? 

Please call or email us immediately if your baggage was not ready during your designated pick-up time. We will make every attempt to send a driver back to pick up your bags with a $25 rescheduling fee.