R&B Camp Baggage, LLC


Tentative Pickup Dates - June   

Brooklyn - 15th-16th

California - 8th-11th

Chicago - 11th-12th

Connecticut - 14th-16th

DC/MD - 11th-12th

Florida - 11th-13th

GA/NC/VA - 12th-14th

Hamptons - 15th-16th

Long Island - 14th-15th

MA/RI - 13th-14th

Northern NJ - 14th-15th

NYC - 15th-17th

Pennsylvania - 13th -14th

Southern NJ - 14th-15th

Westchester NY - 14th-16th

The date ranges displayed are tentative ranges and for advance planning purposes only. Your specific pickup date will be sent in May via e-mail.